8 Polaroids
7,9x7,7 cm

A Bird in California by Franziska Kolling has many of the absurdist hallmarks of 70s performance and conceptual artists like Joan Jonas and Annegret Soltau. Kolling uses the bird as a metaphor for homesickness and her own desire to fly away back home when the desire compels her. While the sentiment sounds peotic and sentimental, there’s a goofiness to the snapshots that lend a compelling humor to the images. In the meantime, these polaroids can’t help but feel nostalgic for their very medium which has now slipped through obsolescence into a fine art format. the lingerie kolling’s subject is wearing also references homemade erotica, a genre polaroid photography was well suited for as is evidenced in the work of italian designer Carlo Mollino who used the medium for exactly that.”

May 2019

Text:  Liv Moe, Founding Director at Verge Center for the Arts, Sacramento 

64th Annual Juried Student Exhibition, CSU Chico, California, May 2019

Wanderlust, MFA Gallery, CSU Chico, California, November 2018

Copyright © Franziska Kolling. All rights reserved.