Eight digital photographs
8 x 8 inches

Birds are free to go (fly) wherever they want to go. They can go back and forth over long distances, even overseas. Making the decision of wanting to study abroad for a year at California State University Chico, first was about having the freedom to go and explore the world. During my stay, I experienced homesickness and a longing for a place I called home, far away from the place where I decided to study for the year.
Coming closer to the end of my stay, I experienced a similar feeling of homesickness, however, it was now about the place I came to explore. It became my second home. Yet, I was unable to just go back and forth, between my two homes, like the bird I became so drawn upon. This body of work deals with the theme of longing, about missing people, about home, about how we feel in certain places, how we decide to make a living. It is about the impossible task of explaining the feeling of reverse culture shock, especially the psychological and emotional aspects of going “home“

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